May Blossom is a beautiful flower that grows on the Hawthorn bush, so when observing it care needs to be taken or the observer could be harmed by the dangerous thorns that surround each bloom.  Women, when originally made in God’s image, were beautiful, but observe carefully and it can be seen that they have been harmed, not by thorns, but by something much more dangerous.  Abortion – or to be more precise – the killing of children by abortion.  Many would say “wait a minute”.  Not every woman has had an abortion so they cannot all be harmed.  This statement sadly is not correct as the reality is the killing of children by abortion harms everyone, not just women.  By the end of 2017 over 8,500,000 (eight and a half million) babies have been killed by abortion in the UK.  That doesn’t include those killed by the Morning After Pill or contraception where figures are not known.  It is estimated that one in three women will have at least one abortion in her lifetime.  May Blossom Ministries has been set up to help everyone who visits the site to gain understanding of the pain caused by the killing of children by abortion.  The truth about the killing of children by abortion may seem harsh to some.  But the reality of the damaged caused by society is even harsher.  After all, the whole point of abortion is to end up with a dead baby.  And who cannot be hurt by that?

Bringing Christian Healing to the Nations

Once the harm caused to women in particular, but society in general is recognised, then the healing can commence.  It is never easy to admit “I have done wrong.” or “I have sinned against the God who created me.” but through prayer to the Lord Jesus, this denial can be broken and the truth admitted.  Then each one of us can accept that, through the healing, we ‘May Blossom’ into the person the Lord intended each of us to be.  Jesus said “the truth shall set you free” (John chapter 8 verse 32).  Our prayer is that denial throughout the land is broken, and through prayer, we as individuals and as a nation, will be set free.  We invite you to share with us so that you ‘may blossom’ from the harmed person you are to the beautiful person whom you long to be.

The May Blossom website is here to help healing after a child has been killed by abortion.  If you wish to know about other issues connected with the killing of children by abortion please see our sister site United for Life from where some of these pages have been taken.  Please also check out our other sister site Make Abortion History.