BPAS and Baby Remains

I have just come across this page on the BPAS website I am horrified at it. These precious babies that BPAS so conveniently destroy are finally being given some recognition that they are human and that there are remains of a baby (without using the word ‘baby’) for the grieving mothers to take away so a funeral can be arranged. I hope they discuss this with the mothers before the killing of the unborn baby by abortion takes place and if so, are the mothers fully informed about the state of the remains – bits and pieces of baby that have been torn apart? Are all mothers given an ultrasound first and shown their unborn baby before the baby is killed? BPAS workers live in their own schizophrenic world so they can justify their actions. Please pray that their eyes and minds will be open to the truth of their actions and acknowledge that one day we will all have to stand before God and give account of our actions.


How You May Blossom

Normally when a new site is begun the ‘stock’ photo is removed, but the photo on thisĀ  page is the original because it is very relevant.

It shows a woman doing, I suppose, a Yoga exercise on a rock ledge over a pretty landscape of a lake with mountains in the background. It looks serene, but take a moment to think about it. The woman has to balance just so or she will fall. This is like women who have killed a child by abortion but have to pretend that their life is ‘fine’ when in reality one slip of the tongue, or one trigger event could bring her whole world down around her. She needs to keep her balance by allowing others to see that there are no problems with how she lives her life.

We all want our lives to be perfect and what could be more perfect than the concept our lives are as pretty as a picture of serenity and that all is well with the world.

You will also note that the woman in the picture is all alone. How many mothers feel all alone because of the decision that they once made, or made on a number of occasions when they chose to kill their unborn baby by abortion, for whatever reason?

Should the woman in the picture shout, I am sure there would be a loud echo and reverberations in the valley below. We have a choice. Do we shout and tell the world that our dream world is actually a living nightmare, or do we chose to continue in the facade that all is well, albeit we have to balance our every thought, move and action to maintain the charade.

We ‘may blossom’ into a well balanced person if we will only admit the pain we are in and to speak out against the actions we chose that have caused us and others around us harm and pain.